Refill Counter

Refilling, reusing your existing food containers is the sustainable way forward. Our Refill products are great for exactly that, available online and at Kem Chicks Pacific Place in Jakarta.


We are always looking for innovative ways to reduce packaging materials and become more sustainable. That’s why we are offering our award-winning organic single origin products now packaging free in our Refill Counter at Kem Chicks Pacific Place in SCBD Jakarta.


Purchasing our herbs, spices, tea, sugar, salt by the gram makes a lot of sense. Sometimes you need a little, sometimes a lot.


Buying the exact quantity you need, helps you to manage your kitchen more efficiently, reduces wastage and keeping the product fresh.


We use plastic free nature friendly bio cellulose packaging materials that are home compostable according to strict European standards. Even better, bring your own reusable containers.


Sustainable farming is good for you and the environment. All Refill products are fully certified organic.


We believe its important to know where your food is coming from. All our Refill products are of single origin, grown locally in Indonesia.


Kem Chicks Pacific Place
Pacific Place Mall Lt. LG-99
SCBD South Jakarta

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