Mushroom and White Tea Consommé

by Asep Hamdani, Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

This easy to make recipe combines mushroom umami flavours with the understated delicate luxury of fresh vegetable stock and white tea. Served in glass bowls, it’s bound to impress your dinner party guests.


To serve two, or four as a starter

5g dry morel and 3g dry tremella mushroom

800ml of still mineral water

50g fresh champignon, 20g fresh oyster and 20g fresh shitake mushroom


20g celery
20g leek
20g carrot
20g white onion


2g roasted whole black pepper corn
4g of white tea
3g mascarpone cheese

sea salt to season

Add the mineral water to a medium sized pan. Soak the dry morel and tremella mushrooms for 10 minutes at room temperature, remove the mushrooms and dry with paper towel, set aside. Keep the mineral water.  

Cut the fresh champignon, oyster and shitake mushroom in half. Slice the vegetables in pieces of 2cm. In a pan, gently roast the whole black pepper corn at medium heat for 3 minutes. 

Add the fresh mushrooms, vegetables and roasted black pepper corn to the medium sized pan with the mineral water, bring to a simmer and cook at low heat for 45 minutes.

Strain the consommé, add the white tea and continue simmer for 5 minutes.

Fill the morel mushroom with mascarpone cheese and place in the serving bowls together with tremella mushroom.

Strain the tea leaves, season the consommé with sea salt, poor into the serving bowls and serve hot.


This dish looks great in serving bowls made from glass. For a more rustic vegetable soup experience you can add vegetables back into the consommé.

Asep Hamdani is a talented executive sous chef at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jakarta, an oasis of personalized luxury featuring 125 intimate all-suite rooms, elevated gastronomic experiences as well as a resort-style outdoor pool. The hotel is known as the favourite place to stay, dine and play.